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Who’s Keeping An Eye On My Backpack?

Let me preface this excerpt from my Belize trip journal by saying “We always keep an eye on our backpack!”  We really do.  Whether it’s making sure they are securely atop a bus or tucked under a bench on a panga boat.

It’s so funny how we can wake up and start our day not knowing what’s ahead and what lessons will be learned.

Jaynie’s Journal Excerpt

Well, today was another adventure!

This morning we were leaving Caye Caulker, Belize after several days of rain.  We had hoped to take a boat over to Ambergris Caye and then take the speed boat to the mainland border of Mexico.  We wanted to meet up with our friends at a resort in Playa Del Carmen.

We purchased our boat taxi tickets but had already missed the speed boat to the border!  That meant staying over on Ambergris Caye for the night and leaving early the next morning.

Caye Caulker Belize

Well, at least it wasn’t raining yet!  We went to the pier and there were two young men taking everyone’s luggage and packs into a cart.  They tagged our backpacks and gave us claim tickets.  Scott kept them in his pocket.  We waited at the end of the pier with 15 other people for about half an hour.  Our boat arrived and we were so excited to see two empty seats on top outside!  This was awesome!  Fresh air and a beautiful view.  We climbed up there so fast, feeling lucky.

We failed to notice that only half the people waiting got on the boat with us.  After a smooth ride to Ambergris Caye we stood on another pier waiting for our backpacks to come off the boat.  Everyone else had claimed theirs and off they went.  Scott and I just stood there.  We didn’t know what this meant!  Scott asked one of the crew about our packs and he asked to see our luggage claim tickets.  Scott pulled them out.  By the look on Scott’s face, I knew there was something very wrong. The destination said Belize City- The mainland.  We should have read our ticket when we got it!

Scott spoke with the dispatch woman of the boat shuttles.  She said our packs were in route to Belize City which was the opposite way we had come.  She said they would make their way back to us on a later boat and arrive at 1:00 pm.  We were so relieved.  I mentally prepared myself, we may never see them again.  And that was okay.  There was nothing of value to worry about.  It was more of a sentimental feeling about all of the cool places my backpack had been with me.

This left us to find a place to stay for the night.  We walked the town and ended up at a great little place called Holiday Hotel.  A little over our budget but right on the beach and close to restaurants and shopping.   We needed a splurge!  We were so glad it wasn’t raining.    Unfortunately, we were dressed in pants and t-shirts for what we had thought would be a long travel day to Mexico.

We had a yummy shrimp lunch and wine while waiting for the next boat to arrive with our packs.  Unfortunately, they didn’t make it onto that boat, but the dispatch woman said they would be on the next boat.

We took a long walk on the beach, it was the most beautiful day we had seen in Belize.  We passed locals selling hand crafted ceramics and jewelry.  We people-watched from the hammock in front of our room, and thought about swimming in that clear blue water.

Scott went back to check for our packs. They weren’t on that boat either!  We were getting bummed out.  We thought maybe they wouldn’t make it.  We were sad that it was such a nice day and we didn’t have our swim suits.

Finally, at 4:00 pm our backpacks arrived!  Talk about excited.  Woohoo! We unpacked a few things, put our swimsuits on and made our way down the beach to the kayak stand.  Our goal was to rent kayaks and explore!  Unfortunately, the kayak stand had closed at 4:00.  The sun would be setting soon and clouds were coming in.  It was going to rain again!

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Later, we made the most of our evening by having a great seafood dinner, lots of cocktails and visiting with other guests of the hotel.  The day ended up being a highlight of our stay in Belize and we really enjoyed the Holiday Hotel and their staff.

Lesson learned!  Always keep an eye on your backpack.  Always.

Have you had a situation where your backpack has gotten away from you?

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  1. I love this story! Was nervous for you when you posted it on Facebook. Now that I read it again, it reminds me to always remember….go with the flow 🙂 Life happens, our attitude makes the difference between happiness and misery.

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