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Traveling as a couple

Couple, Tikal
Tikal, Guatemala

One of my favorite things to do is go backpacking with my husband and explore a new country.  Or, even discover new places in a country we’ve been to before!  We get along pretty well traveling as a couple and have so much fun together exploring new cultures.

As a couple who enjoy traveling, we have learned to listen to each other’s opinions and understand our different moods.  We make compromises when we need to, and keep snacks handy at all times.  Because, we’ve learned the hard way that when we are starving and grouchy, bad decisions are made.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

One time, while we were visiting Guatemala there was an opportunity to go horseback riding on a volcano trail for three hours for only $20.00! I’ve always been nervous on horses, you never know what they will do!  I had thought my horseback riding days were over but Scott really wanted us to have this experience together.  I did agree to go and it ended up being this really relaxing trail ride through dense jungle.  We saw beautiful vistas of Lake Atitlan and learned about the old coffee plantations that used to dot the hillside.  It ended up being a fun day and I was really glad I went.  Thinking about it now, that is probably the last time I will ride a horse.  Although, deep down inside I know that if Scott asks to go again, I will.  I know it’s about making memories and sharing these cool experiences together.

Many days while traveling we will wake up in the morning and discuss our options for the day.  Do we want to take a $3.00 bus ride for a few hours or a more expensive shuttle ride that will get us there much quicker for $25.00?  Do we want to spend less on lodgings for the night to stay within our budget?  Do we want to have street food for lunch so we can have extra beer and margaritas with dinner?  All of these require a discussion between us and an honest opinion.  Some days you just don’t feel like being shoulder to shoulder with someone on the sunny side of a bus with no air conditioning in the stifling heat.

One goal we have while traveling is to stay within our budget.  We are so proud of ourselves on the days we end up below budget!  We save that money for something extra special down the road.  Such as; horseback riding, (ha-ha) a yoga class or a cheap domestic flight to another part of the country.   Another treat is staying at a bed and breakfast with a pool instead of a basic hostel.

Another goal we have is to try to have different adventures that we might not get to do in other regions.  For example, mountain biking through a mango plantation, hiking in a coffee region or kayaking an amazing lake. We feel that each area we visit has something unique that we can experience in a new way.

I think the thing we bring back from our travels is our stories of meeting other people.  It’s fun to trade stories with the locals or hang out at the bar with other backpackers exchanging tips on our favorite towns and places with the best deals.

At this time solo travel isn’t for us.  We are enjoying things the way they are too much.  I think we have traveled so well together because we communicate so well.  We always seem to have something to talk about!

Do you travel solo or as a couple?  Have you traveled with several friends at a time?  I’d love to hear your opinions and preferences!

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