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The Birds and the Bees in Panama


Resplendent Quetzal

Boquete, Panama

Did my husband and I see the elusive Quetzal bird while hiking the Pipeline Trail in the mountains of Boquete, Panama?  Good question!

We had heard 15 of the Quetzals had been sighted the day before in that area.  They are beautiful with multiple colors of green, blue, red and black.   My husband and I are beginner bird watchers, we look at birds if they are near us!  We didn’t think to ask if they were near the trail and if we could see them with our naked eye!  We paid the $3.00 per person for the trail entry fee.  This trail is on private property and they use the money to care for and maintain the trail.  We started our hike up through the jungle.  It was beautiful with very dense greenery.   We heard the Howler monkeys calling out.  They sounded so creepy to me, reminding me of the old TV show Lost.  This hike went gradually uphill and had some footbridge crossings.  We hiked for a while taking pictures along the way on the bridges.  The only birds we saw were way up in the tops of the trees.  They looked parrot sized.  They may or may not have been Quetzals.


We hiked through a narrow damp section which led us to the waterfall.  With the waterfall being approximately 300 feet tall, it was a pretty and calming place.  We enjoyed our snacks and took more pictures of the lush plants near the water.  We made sure we kept an eye out for the Quetzal!


We started making our way back down the trail.

Part way down we saw some men that looked to be workers standing on the side of the trail.  They seemed to be guarding something or waiting.  We could hear a Weed Eater in the distance through the jungle so we thought they were clearing the land around the pipeline that runs along the trail.

We finished our hike and sat resting on the edge of the road, waiting for a shuttle bus to come along and take us back into Boquete.   Fifteen minutes later, a couple came down from the trail head and said the trail was closed now due to a bee problem.  Apparently there was a huge swarm of bees and they had to close the trail for the hiker’s safety!!

Scott and I just looked at each other.  It must take a whole lot of bees to sound like a Weed Eater!

So, did we see the famous Quetzal bird?  We aren’t sure.  Did we escape a lot of potential bee stings?  I think so!

I think binoculars might be a good idea next time we go bird watching!

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  1. Yikes, I’ve been hiking before and came across a swarm of bees that sounded like a snake hissing. I can’t imagine the size of the swarm if they sounded like a weed eater.

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