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Spirit Houses of Thailand

Spirit House
Spirit House at the Chatrium Riverfront Hotel

Spirit Houses of Thailand

Before our trip to Thailand, I had read about how many of the Thai people keep Spirit Houses on the property of their home or business. This is a Buddhist tradition intended to provide a shelter for spirits who could cause problems for the people who live or work on the property. It is thought that the spirits will reside in the Spirit House, instead of the person’s home or business.

The custom is to put the Spirit House on an important part of the property.  The size of the Spirit House may reflect the size of the home or business near where it resides.

On our way to Thailand, I told my husband Scott, how I was looking forward to seeing a Spirit House and how we would need to keep our eye out for one.

Our first few nights in Bangkok were spent at the Chatrium Riverfront Hotel. First thing in the morning, I found a huge Spirit House on the property! It really was in an auspicious place between the hotel and the river. I was so excited!

Little did I know, Thailand would reveal to me Spirit Houses of all shapes and sizes, old and new all throughout our trip.

Spirit Houses
Spirit Houses at Dream Catchers B & B, Chiang Mai

I took pictures of some of my favorites in different areas around the country.

It was so interesting to see the offerings people would leave at the opening of the Spirit House. I saw many different things; burning incense, fruit, cups of tea, bottles of water, flowers and candles. Some of the houses were very intricate and detailed, resembling a temple, while others were very basic and plain.

Spirit House
Spirit House, Chiang Mai

After returning home, I wondered if the hotel owners make offerings in hopes that the spirits won’t bother the guests.

It was fun to learn first-hand about the Spirit House custom and I look forward to seeing more of them as I explore other countries in that region.



10 thoughts on “Spirit Houses of Thailand

  1. Having lived here in Thailand for the past 25 years, I find it amusing someone flies over for a month and now has the knowledge to tell the world about a subject they know nothing about.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way. I don’t claim to be an expert in any way. I was truly interested in the Spirit Houses and only wanted to share them with my readers.

  2. I love these, it is one of the things I miss about living in Bali is the little temple out front – I didn’t realise Thailand had them as well. The offerings are so interesting, did you notice if Thai People through a little bit of food or drink on the floor for the gods when they eat, wondering if it is the same to Bali also?

    1. Thank you Dan. 🙂 I didn’t notice the bit of food thrown to the floor. There is so much to take in all the time, I loved it.
      Bali is high on my list, I have heard it is amazing.

    1. They are a shelter for the spirits. It is believed the spirits will choose to go there instead of a house or business.

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