Road Trippin’ Part 1


The anticipation of a road trip….

The thought of going on a road trip to a different state on unfamiliar highways can bring excitement and apprehension to any traveler. My husband Scott and I are going to take a road trip from Northern California to Zion National Park in Southern Utah. The estimated driving time is 11 hours. Scott’s friend told him the stretch we will be driving through Nevada on US Route 50 is considered “The Loneliest Road in America.” The entire highway stretches from Sacramento, California all the way to Ocean City, Maryland. The stretch we will drive, crosses several large desert valleys. Since this stretch of highway is so desolate, Scott wants to be prepared for anything, so we will have plenty of food, water and blankets, just to be safe. He is also concerned with our gas management.  With only three small towns in 409 miles, I’m sure we will be able to fill up our gas tank at the appropriate time.

Many friends and family would question my husband and I taking a road trip together.  Most have heard my “backseat driving” in the car and our subsequent bickering. The only time we argue in life is while we are in the car. Because this is a trip for my birthday, this is the adventure I want to have at this time. Scott and I spend a lot of time traveling in other countries and it will be fun to experience something new to us in our own country. Of course, our daily budget in Central America for food and lodgings (and that includes beer and wine) is usually less than $100 a day.  Here, in our own country, on our road trip, that budget won’t even cover a place to spend the night!

Our road trip will begin tomorrow, please check back next week and discover how our adventure to Zion National Park went!

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Road Trippin’

6 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ Part 1

  1. Road trips are so exciting but can be a bit stressful because of the work that needs to go into traveling to unknown areas. But I really hope to do a road trip in the west of the U.S. very soon!

    1. I think the time of year is very important, I don’t like driving in the snow. 🙂
      Have fun on your road trip, if you need any info on California, let me know!

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