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Ridebooker, Our Transportation Review

Ridebooker, Our Transportation Review

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Ridebooker departure
On our way!

Taking Care of Our Transportation Needs

Ridebooker provides high-quality ground transportation in North America. It’s an easy process for you to book and pay online.

I was fortunate to work with Ridebooker for the ground transportation on our most recent trip. We were going to be in Spain for six weeks.

There is always a dilemma when traveling for long periods of time. How do we get to the airport and back, especially if it’s over two hours away? We contemplated taking the train or renting a car one way, but those seemed like too much work.

Ridebooker arranged our transportation from Auburn, California to San Francisco International Airport. This was a total of 125 miles and a minimum of 2.5 hours. Click this link to see how easy it is.

It was a very easy process. I had received a confirmation email with all of our flight information for both ends of the trip for drop-off and pickup at our airport.

The morning of our departure, we met our driver at a local parking lot. He arrived just before we did and he sent me a text letting me know of his arrival. Our car was a beautiful black luxury sedan, stocked with bottled water and treats.

Calvin, our driver was awesome. He was a really sweet man. We talked about everything under the sun as we made our way to San Francisco. He made the time fly! He dropped us at our departure gate with good wishes for our trip.

On our return, six weeks later, I had been out of touch with email but knew Ridebooker had us taken care of.

After our plane touched down at SFO, I received a text from Calvin letting us know he was waiting for us and the instructions for meeting him. It was nice to see the text and know we were getting closer to home.

Ridebooker arrival
Heading home!

We talked for a while with Calvin, he was excited to hear about our journey on the Camino de Santiago.

After a while, I slept. It was so nice that we didn’t have to drive ourselves home! My body was on Spain time where it was midnight and I was ready to sleep.

Riding home in comfort and safety was a wonderful way to end our trip. We were so appreciative of the services Ridebooker provided.

In the future, we know it’s the only way to go. To learn more about point to point travel via bus or luxury vehicle please click here. Ridebooker offers a variety of services, and I recommend checking them out!

*Please note we received services in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “Ridebooker, Our Transportation Review

  1. How great! That would be very tough to drive yourself home when you are on a different country’s time. It sounds like Ridebooker really took care of you well!

  2. We need this kind of service in our country. Sad to say, but our taxis at the airport are taking advantage of foreign visitors by charging them more. 🙁

  3. Sounds amazing. Nothing like being looked after in comfort. In Australia, if you book a taxi, you can’t even be sure if they’ll turn up half the time which is a super stress when you have to make a flight!

    1. It was great! That really adds stress to the flight if you need to be concerned about drop offs and pick ups. I sure have had that issue before.

  4. If you put in all of your info and choose the pick-up and drop off, then I believe there is a price. But, if you want transportation by the hour you would need to email or call them to get the price.

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