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Our Path to the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Eight months ago my husband Scott and I made our decision and committed to walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. We decided on the French Route, which we will begin in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France in just two months time.Β Click here to read our first Camino post when we were only considering walking it.

The past eight months have involved many conversations about gear and what we need to bring along to make our journey comfortable without carrying too much weight.

Camino Oboz


Picking the perfect shoe has been a bit difficult. I really like my Oboz hiking shoes, but I still get hot spots after walking six miles, even with a wool sock and liner. My Oboz will be great in the rain or on muddy terrain. I hiked in the snow with them this past winter and my feet stayed dry the entire time! I have also purchased a pair of Hoka One One’s. They have been excellent so far, no blisters or hot spots, even hiking thirteen miles! The only issue I have with the Hoka, is they won’t do well in wet conditions. This all leads me to most likely bringing two pairs of shoes on my Camino.

Hoka Camino de Santiago
Hoka One One

Scott has done well picking out his hiking shoes. He has the Hoka One One and loves them. He will buy a new pair just before we leave since we will be putting so many miles on them this summer. He may purchase a pair of hiking sandals in case of rain.


I was fortunate to be contacted by RideBooker, a company who provides ground transportation across North America. They will be providing us with our transportation to the airport in San Francisco and back home again. It will be great partnering with RideBooker because San Francisco is two hours away and leaving my car at the airport for six weeks is not an option.


Another positive thing to come out of our Camino preparation is that Osprey Packs has sponsored me with a beautiful 36 litre Kyte pack. This pack will be perfect to walk with and is light weight. I have used Osprey for years and own a 65 litre pack as well as one of their day packs.

Scott still needs to buy his pack. Of course it will be Osprey, but they have so many options he needs to make a decision soon! Click here for the Osprey Packfinder.

Osprey Pack Camino de Santiago
Osprey Pack

Sleeping Bags:

The last thing we need to decide before our trip is what sleeping bags we need. We would both love a down filled ultra-lite bag. They compress down and weigh under two pounds.

My full pack needs to weigh less than 13 pounds so I can manage it on my back every day for six weeks.


We have started our training this past month, hiking 10-13 miles once a week. We also take shorter hikes and practice yoga on a regular basis. Scott had ACL replacement surgery on his knee a few months ago, so he needs to gradually increase his mileage. A few weeks before our departure, we will hike with our fully loaded packs and work out any issues we may have.

Scott and I are so excited to walk the Camino and begin this crazy adventure! We will have no reservations, no hair dryer, make-up or work stress for six weeks! We will be leaving in about two months, our departure date is September 7, 2016.

Have you walked the Camino de Santiago or a similar long trek? Do you have any advice to give? I would love to hear it.


24 thoughts on “Our Path to the Camino de Santiago

  1. Super exciting. I enjoy following your progress to the Camino. Makes me want to join you somewhere along the way! Have fun preparing/training these next couple of months. Look forward to your next post before you go.

  2. Wow, what an amazing trip. I’d love to get away and do something like this with my family. Thanks for the great information! We love the outdoors and I’m always looking for tips on gear.

    1. Thank you for reading! I think many people walk the Camino with their family, or at least part of it. I bet it would be a great bonding experience.

  3. What an exciting experience this will be. No reservations, spontaneity all the way – love it!
    We would have loved to get Osprey packs but they just don’t fit us. It’s awesome that they sponsored you though!


  4. Looks like you guys are prepared and have worked out a great training schedule! I’m so excited to read more posts on your adventure. This is something I have been wanting to do for years, so reading about the steps you have taken will be very helpful one day πŸ™‚


  5. I have not done this hike, but we spend a lot of time before each trip thinking about gear! I find shoes the MOST important part of any trip. We only walk/hike 10-15 a day MAX compared to your day after day experience, but still…happy feet = happy travelers!! Have a wonderful experience!!

  6. Have fun Guys! We didn’t do Camino itself, but most people thought we were heading there…. on foot as well πŸ™‚ And hey walking after ACL reconstruction!! That’s impressive! I had the same operation, so know how is it like and how recovery looks like, so take it slow… But you know what are you doing πŸ™‚ Keep it up and we’re waiting for your stories from there!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m sure the walking day in and day out will be a challenge but we feel ready now. Scott’s Doctor gave his approval, so that makes us feel good.

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