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Osprey Kyte 36 Liter Backpack Review

Osprey Kyte 36 Liter Backpack Review

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Osprey Pack
Loving my pack!

 Choosing The Right Backpack

Choosing the right backpack for a five-week trek can be daunting. I knew I wanted to take an Osprey Pack, as I own two other backs made by Osprey.
The Osprey website has a great tool called Packfinder. It allowed me to narrow down all of the pack choices to a few, which would then help me choose the best fit for me and my next adventure.
I choose the Kyte 36 Liter. It has a load range of 25-40 pounds and only weighs 3.2 pounds.
I knew I would average 15 miles a day for at least five weeks on the Camino de Santiago, and I needed a pack with maximum comfort. The Kyte is specifically designed to fit women.
Below I have listed my pros and cons after using it on my 500-mile adventure.


  • Great suspension
  • Carried the weight on my hips well
  • Didn’t pull on my shoulders or neck
  • There were multiple ways to adjust the straps
  • I loved the large open stretch mesh pocket
  • Conveniently stowed rain cover in low pouch
  • Loops to attach random items
  • External sleeping bag straps


  • The lid on top of the pack is attached on one side. I am used to the detachable lid on my Ariel Pack, as it allows for a more secure closure and coverage on the top.
  • Hip belt pockets were too small.


At the beginning of my trip, my pack weight was 14 pounds. Everything fit really well into my pack and had its place. After walking for a week, I determined the weight was too much on my feet and I eliminated three pounds of gear. During this time, my pack felt comfortable and never rubbed me or gave me sores or bruises.

Pack Guarantee

Another bonus with choosing the Osprey Pack is their pack guarantee. They will repair any damage or defect, free of charge, no matter when it was purchased. If it can’t be fixed, they will replace it!
I would absolutely use this pack for trekking again, or even for a short getaway. For more information on Osprey and their backpacks, please click here.
*A huge thank you to Osprey Packs for working with me. I was given this pack by Osprey to walk the Camino de Santiago. As always, all opinions are my own.


Osprey Backpacks
Osprey x2

Osprey Kyte 36 Litre Backpack review

6 thoughts on “Osprey Kyte 36 Liter Backpack Review

  1. Osprey’s sure do have a big reputation in the travel equipment game. I have never actually used their stuff, but their stuff does always look impressive when I browse through backpacks etc at outdoor stores. This one looks like a good one…are there any equivalents in their range for men?

  2. I used the same pack and loved it! My only complaints would be that while the upper pouch is large, I found that while wearing the pack, it was difficult to retrieve things from it that had scooted to the rear of the pouch, and I agree that the hip belt pouches are a bit too small. Otherwise it had everything I needed for my Camino!

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