Camino de Santiago / Pilgrimage / Spain

Camino de Santiago, Days 29 & 30

Camino de Santiago, Days 29 & 30

Triacastela to Sarria 12 Miles

This article is the twenty-fourth in our series of walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago with my husband Scott. Some articles will be only about one day of walking, and some may include a few days of walking, for the lengths will vary. To begin with the first article click here.

Day 29 began in the dark, as usual. The four of us made our way out of town quietly. Soon, we were hiking on dirt roads, gradually climbing uphill.

There were many pilgrims around us. The closer we were getting to Santiago, we noticed more pilgrims joining the walk.

The Land of Fairies and Hobbits

The terrain was changing.  The trees above gave us the feeling of being in a tunnel. It felt like a fairy or hobbit could live in such a mystical setting.

Camino de Santiago Day 29

Since we were getting closer to the coast, the marine layer of fog sank into the little valleys we walked through.

Camino de Santiago Day 29

We spotted a cafe and stopped for breakfast. There seemed to be better breakfast options for us the farther west we progressed on the Camino. There were a couple of cute dogs hanging out, so I spent some time with them after I finished my breakfast. It sure made me miss my dog, Joby, back home.

Camino de Santiago Day 29


One of my favorite things about the Camino was seeing animals along the way. We really enjoyed seeing cows, horses, sheep, cats and dogs.

I told Blythe how I would love to do another walk someday and see a lot of animals. She said “that would be a safari.” Yes, I think she was right, and now I need to add a safari to my to-do list!

One unusual thing we saw as we walked along on Day 29 was a group of albino cows! They were pure white.

Camino de Santiago Day 29


Downhill we walked with many other pilgrims into the city of Sarria. It was important for Scott and I to stay in a hotel for two nights to get some rest and have our laundry cleaned. We had been walking 29 days and it was time for another break.

Finally, we found a hotel with room available and we were so relieved. Blythe and Jenn chose to look elsewhere and had their first experience at an albergue.

The first albergue we saw, which is on the trail, was Albergue Casa Peltre. I loved the red building and am instantly drawn to it while praying they have a couple of beds for us. They do and we were the first ones in so we can choose our bunk. I chose the corner against a wall with a window seat so I had room for all my stuff. The room had 14 beds downstairs, two bathrooms, a room upstairs with 4 more beds and a large living room area with kitchen.

Camino de Santiago Day 29

 Hotel Alfonso IX

Scott and I checked in, cleaned up and sent our laundry out to be cleaned. Good thing we didn’t have to wash our own clothing because our hotel didn’t allow hanging laundry out the windows!

We met up with the girls for a lunch of cheese, bread, salami and wine. It was a relaxing afternoon sitting along the riverwalk.

Camino de Santiago Day 29

Day 29, 12 miles.

Camino de Santiago, Day 30

Sarria, Day of Rest

Believe it or not, I slept 12 hours straight and woke up on Day 30 very well rested. It was such a nice change not to have to be on the trail at all.


I had my first experience sleeping in a room with many people. I tried the earplugs, but they didn’t stay in my ears. Instead, I just put my buff over my face and hoped for sleep. It actually wasn’t too bad.

We were able to sleep a little bit. That was the hardest part about sharing a room with everyone getting up early and making a ton of noise. Blythe and I decided to stay here another night and requested the upstairs room which only had 4 beds. We were kind of hoping for a private room that way, but found ourselves bunking up with a sweet girl from Ireland.
So for my first albergue situation and actually my only one on this trip, we could not have picked a nicer one.

Exploring Sarria

After drinking a couple of cafes con leche and eating pastries for breakfast, Scott and I set out to explore the town.

We stopped at a pharmacy to buy a few things and Scott weighed himself on their scale. He had lost 15 pounds while walking the Camino! And that was while drinking wine and eating pastries!

Next, we went to the barber shop so Scott could get his hair cut. Since he couldn’t explain the exact cut he wanted, he pointed to a poster of a model on the wall. So, the barber cut his hair just like the model. It looked very nice and clean.

Camino de Santiago

Sarria has a wall of cool pilgrim murals, so we spent some time checking them out.

Camino de Santiago


It was time for lunch, so we sent a text to Blythe and Jenn to join us. We enjoyed a long lunch of pasta and wine. It was so nice not to wonder where we would be staying the night.

After eating, we explored a little bit more and walked up the many stairs through town on the Camino path.

Camino de Santiago


After our relaxing afternoon, we sorted our clean clothes and repacked our backpacks so that we would be ready for the next day’s walk.

Camino de Santiago

Jenn and Blythe relaxed with massages before meeting us for dinner.

Later, we met Jenn and Blythe at a cool hippie restaurant called Matias Locanda Italiana for dinner. The temperature outside was comfortable and we enjoyed a nice meal on the patio. I even tried sangria instead of my usual wine.

We made our plan for the next day’s walk and finished the evening with anticipation for what the next day would bring.

Day 30, Much needed rest day.

To read on to Day 31, please click here.








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