Camino de Santiago / Pilgrimage / Spain

Camino de Santiago, Day 34

Camino de Santiago, Day 34

Arzúa to O Pedrouzo, 12 Miles

This article is the twenty-seventh in our series of walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago with my husband Scott. Some articles will be only about one day of walking, and some may include a few days of walking, for the lengths will vary. To begin with the first article click here.

Day 34 began with a long walk on sidewalks and pavement in the fog. You would think we’d be used to the hard concrete and pavement walking, but we weren’t. The hard surface was much tougher on our feet than dirt trails and roads.

We only had 12 miles to walk to reach our next destination. Then, tomorrow would be our last 12 miles to Santiago. I told Scott that if it were up to me, we would suck it up and muscle through 24 miles to Santiago and be finished.

It was good for me to practice my patience though, and I did end up enjoying the day.


We began walking on dirt roads, passing groves of eucalyptus trees and beautiful farmland. Sometimes, even spotting a few cows.

Camino de Santiago Day 34


We came upon the “Wall of Wisdom,” which had quotes on construction paper attached to the wall of a building. Of course, we spent a few moments reading the quotes. It was food for thought and something to think about as we continued on.

Camino de Santiago Day 34

O Pedrouzo

As we entered town we found the pension Jenn had reserved the night before. Or, so we thought. I was excited because it was across the street from a field of cows.

Camino de Santiago Day 34

When we tried to check in, they said we didn’t have a reservation, and they had no rooms available.

Jenn checked her phone and realized she had reserved a place with the same name but in a different town.

The staff was friendly and they told us to sit tight outside, and they would find us rooms somewhere else.

A few minutes later a woman drove up in her car and told us she would take us to a different place to stay, which was just across town. Blythe, Jenn and I piled into her car and Scott decided to walk.

New Accommodations

The woman was so sweet and dropped us off at a pension. We checked in to our new accommodation and went to our rooms to clean up. Later Scott joined us, as he had been wandering around, unsure of where to go!

After cleaning up, Blythe and I sat downstairs by a wonderful fire and warmed ourselves up. Scott went into town to enjoy some alone time and have a beer.


The girls and I joined Scott later for our last dinner on the Camino. We enjoyed another delicious meal and Scott even had a hamburger! I must say we had no complaints about food during our Camino trip.

Camino de Santiago Day 34

When we arrived back at our pension later in the night, a couple was standing outside the main entrance. Their key wouldn’t work in the door. I tried my key and it wouldn’t work either. Jenn tried her key, but had no luck.

We all walked around to different entrances on the pension, knocking on doors, but no one was there.

A neighbor came out and yelled at us, so we figured that wasn’t very good. Blythe called the proprietor of the pension and she couldn’t help us, as she was out to dinner. She said our keys should work.

The couple who was there originally, tried the lock again, and it worked! Good thing, or we would have been freezing on the porch all night.

We were all very tired and looking forward to the next day, and our arrival in Santiago.

Camino de Santiago Day 34
Camino markers along the way.

Day 34, 12 miles.

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8 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago, Day 34

  1. I almost took this spiritual journey about 4 years ago and backed out last minute. I still want to do the walk this decade. What an experience!

  2. Hi, there! Nice work, beautiful post about the Camino 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. Also, the pics are very interesting too. Are you planning to do the Camino again anytime in the future? They say it’s kind of addictive…

    1. Thank you! I would agree that it’s addictive. We hope to walk the Camino Norte in the future. But first, we are going to do some walking in Ireland. 🙂

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