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Camino de Santiago, Day 13

Camino de Santiago, Day 13

Our Day of Rest in Burgos

This article is the twelfth in our series of walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago with my husband Scott. Some articles will be only about one day of walking, and some may include a few days of walking, for the lengths will vary. To begin with the first article click here.

Sleeping in on Day 13 was the best thing ever. Almost as good as having a nice breakfast in a normal restaurant, and enjoying two cafes con leche with our tortilla potata!

The staff at our hotel was very helpful. They knew we had to check out since there were no rooms available, so they found us a room at another hotel. We packed our minimal belongings and walked across town and over the river to our new accommodation at the NH Collection Palacio de Burgos. It was a beautiful hotel at an excellent location right on the riverwalk with views of the water, as well as the old city.

Day 13 Burgos
We had to pose with the pilgrim statue!
Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos

Even though it was our rest day, we never sit still for long. There was so much to see in Burgos!

Our first stop was a tour of the massive cathedral. We rented the audio tour and walked from room to room admiring the architecture and stained glass. Ground was broken to begin the cathedral construction in 1221, and it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Day 13
Inside the cathedral.

The builders were inspired by French Gothic, which gives the cathedral the dramatic spires and facade. We loved the golden staircase, which was done in Renaissance Style by Diego de Siloé.

Scott and I also found it interesting that El Cid, who had been a famous military leader in Medieval Spain, was entombed in the cathedral.

Scott was amazed by the actual construction of the cathedral and was really into those details. At the end of our tour, we had our pilgrim passports stamped with the cathedral’s logo.

Day 13 Burgos

Exploring Burgos

After touring the cathedral, we were hungry and ready for lunch. Fortunately, the patio was open at the restaurant where we had previously enjoyed the margaritas, so we had the same lunch again! Margaritas, fried cheese and ham dumplings.

After lunch, for just a few euros, we hopped on the tiny tourist train and went for a ride around Burgos. It was fun way to see the city and the important historical sites, without being on our feet!

Day 13 Burgos
Seeing the sites on the tiny train!
Burgos by Night

Scott and I did actually rest during the evening hours. Maybe we were adapting to the siesta lifestyle after all!

Later, we walked the old city enjoying the monuments all lit up. Everything seemed more dramatic by night.

Day 13 Burgos

We went to an Italian restaurant which had been recommended to us. When we were finally seated, no one would serve us. It seemed to be a restaurant serving locals and families and they were very short staffed. Finally, Scott was beyond annoyed….so we left.


Luckily, we had another Italian Restaurant on our list. It was down a narrow cobblestone street and as we approached it, we saw many people enjoying cocktails out in front of the establishment.

Day 13 Burgos

We almost turned around to leave, but instead I went inside and asked if we could have dinner. The server took us to a table, and I saw that their clock said 9:30 p.m. It was too early for the Spaniards to eat yet. Lucky for us, because we had a delicious dinner of lasagna and pizza! The perfect carbohydrate fuel for the next day’s walk. As we finished our meal an hour later, patrons began entering the restaurant to eat.

Burgos Day 13
Amazing dinner of Italian food!

Day 13 was excellent, and a much needed rest for our bodies.

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