Backpacking Detours Top 5 Instagram Pictures of 2016

Backpacking Detours Top 5 Instagram Pictures of 2016


My fifth most popular picture is of my beautiful friend Hannah, standing in front of a stunning mural in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. Part of the reason I love this picture, is the memory of a really fun girls weekend in San Francisco. There was plenty of good food,  friends and cool murals.


My fourth most popular picture on Instagram was taken of my daughters, Shae and Celeena. They had just finished a grueling afternoon of challenging obstacles and running up and down hills. The Spartan Race Series takes place in many cities around the United States. The obstacles pushed my girls to their limits in strength and endurance. It was an awesome accomplishment and Scott and I were so proud.


My third most popular picture is a recent one. I was standing in front of a seasonal waterfall on a hiking trail in Auburn, California. It had recently rained and the falls were flowing like crazy.


My second most popular picture was from our first day walking the Camino de Santiago. It was taken as we were crossing over the Pyrenees in France. The mountains were lush and green, and there were horses grazing along the way. Some of the horses wore bells around their necks. It was so peaceful to listen to the bells and see the horses as we walked.


Exploring #Santiago #Spain I love a good courtyard! #travel #blogging

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My most popular picture on Instagram for the year 2016 was of a pretty courtyard in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. It was raining and I snapped this picture just minutes before we jumped in a taxi and headed to the bus station to leave town.

I love the feeling a courtyard gives me as I enter a nondescript building from the street, only to find a peaceful oasis within.

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